Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's that time of year again! FLATS CHALLENGE TIME!

Yipee!! Its party time! I mean, Flats Challenge time

Don't know what i'm talking about?  Well, once upon a time..  Kim at Dirty Diaper Laundry thought it would be a good idea to prove that cloth diapering is within reach for almost anyone.  She asked others to join her and the flats and handwashing challenge was born.  

I am excited to participate for the 3rd year in a row, and this time with my new little man, Bently (3 months).  Once again, I'm going to tell myself that this is my chance to use my blog for something other than a recipe box. [at least for a week or two!]
Little Man, Bently (sporting a flat and cover)

Every day, starting Monday May 20th, I'll be blogging about a different Flats Challenge topic.  I'm going to ease into it this year. (the blogging and the flats)  I have already been using flats on and off along with my other cloth diapers since Little Man was born.. for that matter i've been using flats on and off since the first flats challenge 2 years ago.. but they really are a big part of our diapering routine now.  It isn't going to be a big deal for me to use flats all the time, though handwashing is a completely different issue.. I do an entire load of cloth diapers, wipes, and napkins in my HE front load washing machine almost every single day.  This will be the youngest baby i've ever hand washed diapers for and I am a bit nervous about the quantity of diapers here along with the lack of time in any given day.  I've got a great helper or 2 or 3 (ages 7, 5, and 2.5)  And to throw in a little element of mystery and surprise my regular once a week pooper pooped nearly every day last week.. (maybe my little man got the dates wrong for the challenge?)

So. Here we goooooooo  .. 

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