Sunday, May 26, 2013

Meat balls & fudge-pops.. yeah..

yeah,  two things that do not and should not go together - these are just the recipes i need to get down before i forget what I did.. 

 Sorry, no pictures today.. 

(Gluten, Dairy and egg free) Meatballs

3lbs of ground beef (grass fed, if possible)
Italian seasoning & garlic salt to taste
1/4 cup gluten free flour
1 8oz can tomato sauce
2-3 tbs ground flax
1-2 tsp chia seeds 

Combine ingredients (with your hands, meatloaf style) and then roll into balls about an inch across - put on parchment paper on a baking pan (something with sides, so the grease doesn't drip off the pan) - bake at 375 for about 20 mins or until they are cooked, and browned :)  - These freeze well, I put them on a cooling rack (after blotting off the grease) and freeze them and then put them in a gallon ziplock bag 


I've tried a banana based fudge-pop type recipe  - my kids LOVE it, but I HATE bananas .. 

So, for me, I made these

1 cup full fat coconut milk
1/2 box of silken tofu
2 tbs pnut butter
2-3 tablespoons cocoa powder (or to taste)
1 tsp vanilla 
pinch of salt 
1/4 cup sugar (or to taste)

Pour into ice pop molds and freeze :)

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