Sunday, January 6, 2013

Catch up (Bread, Pie, and bath products!)

I've been making a lot of stuff lately.. just didn't have time to post it all separately! 


first - and obviously  most important - coconut whipped cream.  yum.  I added 3 tbs of raw sugar to a double batch .. super yum.  used it to top this yummy chocolate pie for Christmas dessert.

Cookie Army!

Yummy GF & V "teddy" grahams - also pretty easy :) 

Yummy Bread

I found an GF & V bread recipe that is easy and tasty. 

Homemade Coconut milk shampoo - smells yummy, but can't really eat it.  My kids' hair has been getting dry, and this solved the issue in one bath!

Sugar scrub - made this as part of Christmas Gifts, it smells yummy and works great too!
Homemade Lotion - loving this stuff too! (also gave some as Christmas gifts)  

So that is pretty much what I've been up to ...  probably won't be trying many new recipes for a while! getting ready for baby :)