Monday, June 11, 2012

Its not that i don't have anything to say...

Things have been so crazy busy around here! There just hasn't been much time for the blog thing..  

I need to bake bread, and make coconut milk for ice cream, and mayonnaise based on this recipe.. and granola bars..  I need to post the Mayo recipe - once i try it one more time and get it down.  cause it is fabulous and now i understand all those people who say once you try homemade mayo you won't go back.. 

Our garden is doing great,  we're about to be overrun with squash, carrots, and tomatoes - with beans, peas and okra to follow...

Now i know why we don't have school in the summer!! There is just no time for it - we have to play outside, take care of the garden and flowers and do all the summer time activities - there will be plenty of time for school when it cools down and things get boring again.  Plus, Grandpa is visiting from Hawaii. 

so this might be all i have to say for June.  Sorry!