Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cloth Diapers - the way your grandma diapered

Ok, so i haven't blogged (cause, that is a word, right?) much about anything but food and recipes.  I need to work on expanding this...I do more than cook, people! (yes, i like to pretend that people are reading this)

Anyway, I have found my motivation! The 2nd annual flats and hand washing challenge! I participated last year - Kim at Dirty Diaper Laundry challenges us to use flat diapers (CHEAP!) for one week and to hand wash them.  It may just be that i love a challenge, but this speaks to me.  I like to think that cloth diapering is possible for everyone, and its not hard.  Now, since I've done this challenge before, i know that is not 100% true.  It is a little bit hard..but, so is having a baby.  So if you are faced with two choices, one of them being not changing your baby because you can't afford diapers and the other being using some kind of cloth and washing in the bathtub.. well, it may be more work, but the choice should be really easy. 
line drying flats
 So. Got a baby? join the flats challenge!  Last year, I bought some flour sac towels at target to use for the challenge.  I also used all of the flannel receiving blankets I had been given as gifts when my first baby was born - chances are good you have something around the house that could be made into a diaper! (sheets, old t-shirts, flannel blankets, etc.) I wish this challenge had taken place in May 2007 - that is when i started cloth diapering, it would have saved me so much time and money if I would have known i could just jump into cloth diapering with everyday household items and a couple covers! (Not that my fancy cloth diapers haven't saved me a ton of money..) 

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