Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What does it cost to use flats?

Welcome to DAY TWO of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry 

2011, this baby is now 5 and a half!
Today we are talking about the STASH.  What does it take to use flats.  Well, this is the 6th annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge and I was around way back in 2011 for the first challenge.  Here is a bit of a recap..
my biggest baby hanging diapers

2011 9 month old, no blog! 
2012 flats and handwashing challenge stash
2013 flats and hand washing challenge stash
2014 Flats and Handwashing Challenge Stash
2015 - potty trained toddler and pregnant :( :( :(
2016 Happening NOW!

I have been using pretty much the same flats since 2011, i've added a few Ikea burp cloths (not currently available) and receiving blankets since then, but the flour sack towels are on their 3rd kid - they have some holes, some are a bit ratty looking.  Some of my receiving blankets have been used as inserts or flats for 4 kids!  they are thin, frayed, faded - and yet still working just fine! 

ikea 'flat', kite fold
23lb 6 mo old, blueberry cover

Feel free to check out my past posts with more detailed cost breakdown (i think, honestly i didn't review them, who has time for that?) but this time? nothing. zero cost.  If i had to replace this stash (say, i gave it away and then had another baby) it would cost around $100 (not because it needs to cost that much , but because it is a BIG stash, so I'd probably cut that down to 50-75 with some nice covers) that is the great thing about cloth diapers - they really last a long time! I'd probably have to start replacing some of my flour sack towels if i needed them to last through more kids..

I counted, roughly.  36 flats (flour sac towels, nicer receiving blankets, and ikea burp cloths) in my 'flat stash' and i also have older, ratty, receiving blankets stuffed into 14 pockets.  Not planning to use those for the challenge but they are ready just in case, and i might end up using them for an all day outing Thursday so that i can try out at hand washing pockets (though i'm not excited about that idea). 

   I also have a handfull of covers.  2 thirsties duo size two, 3 blueberry covers (though 1 of them has completely shot elastic..and 1 is missing...  hmm), 1 bumpkins cover and i'm not even sure what else.  I have some girly covers (thirsties i think) and flip and econobum covers as back ups. 

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