Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Day 3 random thoughts on the flats challenge

Welcome to day 3 of the 2016, 6th annual, Flats and Handwashing Challenge hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry! 

  I was looking through my past challenge posts, and folders of pictures on my computer... and I see the babies growing up, baby after baby, toddler after toddler the same diapers (literally) the same clothes on a new baby... just like everything else with babies and toddlers .. they grow up and the next time you do it again.. Until you don't and they just grow up .. This is too sad. Moving on.. 

So here I am hand washing diapers and using the occasional disposable wipe.. I have cloth wipes, i could use them, but i haven't this time (baby doesn't poop often). We use all cloth napkins/tissues in the house, we use cloth to mop the floor, wipe tables and counters, we use cloth dust mops, not to mention clothes and towels and dish towels.  There are 7 of us - while hand washing diapers could help in some situations, and hand washing is a good skill, in general.. how would this work if i suddenly had no washer/dryer .. the mountain of laundry even if we didn't include clothes, where would i even begin to put such a mountain of laundry.  How would i even go about transporting that amount of regular laundry to a laundromat - my big utility-style kitchen sink can only hold so much!  We washed clothes with limited wardrobes on vacation, using all disposable paper products, and still had to do at least 1 large load a day to keep up .. if we had to hand wash all of the cloth things (even if you don't count clothes), would i have time to do anything else? Does proving that diapers are hand-washable, and that I can hand wash them, really prove anything? should i be hand washing everything for a more realistic challenge? in which case, i'd need a decent clothes line.. my set up that holds one day worth of diapers wouldn't cut it.  and no, you probably couldn't pay me to give up a week to hand washing all of the clothes.  I think in a true emergency we'd have to just wear dirty clothes.. Dirty diapers wouldn't cut it though, so I guess that is where this is useful .. 

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