Monday, May 16, 2016

Flats and Handwashing Challenge 2016!!!

It is that time again! the 6th Annual Flats and Hand Washing Challenge (Still so sad I missed the 5th, since i didn't have any kiddos in diapers last year) hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry
This is my 5th year doing the challenge - 4th year blogging about the challenge - Since i rarely blog about anything, you can look up past challenges pretty easily in the archives.  Maybe one day this week I will link up everything and make it easy for you!

Why do the challenge?

1. to change things up, hand wash, line dry, use my covers that are collecting dust while i use my flats in pockets

2. to teach my kids how to hand wash (life skills!) -along with all the reasons one might need to hand wash diapers (or clothes)

3. (new this year!) to force myself to use cloth while we're out of the house*

4. i'm sure there are more reasons. the real question is, why blog about the challenge - cause that is the real challenge, finding time to actually type on a computer.  I may just give up on this part after a few days, we'll see.. 

* with 5 kids, we just don't go out as often as we use to, when we do, i throw on a disposable and usually i don't have to even worry about a diaper change before we're back home. honestly, i may just decide that one or two disposables when we go out is just how it is going to be with this many kids - or i may find that flats are no big deal while we're out.  


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  1. I love reason #2! You've inspired me to get my oldest daughter involved with me in the challenge.