Friday, March 2, 2012

before and after... sort of


I've been putting this off because I feel like the after pictures are a lie... We aren't done yet!!  

So now that i've adjusted my idea of "before and after"  here we go .

It may be a while, but here is the current choice for the counter and wood floors..   I can't wait to get it all done!  We are going to trim back the counter, where is sticks out on the bottom and right bottom of the "after" picture so when someone is sitting at the dining room table, we'll be able to walk behind them to get to the kitchen!!  Our "dining room" (really an eat in kitchen) is made for a tiny little 2-3 person table... not the table for 6 we've got ..  We're also planning to add some counter space where the garbage can is now (bottom right corner of before picture) so we won't be losing much work space by gaining a wider walkway.

so, it may not be done.. but.. YAY anyway :)

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