Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I love traveling, but i HATE packing and unpacking..  unpacking is way worse..  It seems like the whole operation gets more complicated every time we take a trip. (I guess we have been adding kids to the equation pretty quickly if you want to go there)

Last year i had it down. I was good.  I had everything packed in outfits. everything all together, pants and a shirt and coordinating layers in case it was hot/cold.  now? turns out that my big kids don't have that many pairs of pants. so... no clever outfit packing for our nearly 3 week trip.  I'm also going to do a lot of laundry on this trip.. but not being able to organize is driving me nuts. I once read a great blog about packing in ziplock bags.. a whole day's worth of clothes for each kid.. wow. that would be great. (it would also be great if i could find it, oh well) except that my kids don't have enough clothes to do that and i can't predict the weather! the weather is really the big one. these people must be going places with predictable climates. anyway. 

I've done pretty good so far, its only Wednesday and i've packed 3 bags. one for M, one for J and A, and one full of stroller rain covers, rain coats, hats, and ponchos. how this will all fit in the van? i have no idea.  I still have so much left to do that i can't even list it here.  

Now i'm going to try, with the kid's 'help' to go pack my bag.  wait, that's right, i don't have enough underwear for the next 3 days plus what i need for the trip..  i'm going to forget something trying to pack ahead of time.

oh and did i mention we're driving 24 hours, with 3 kids under 6? no big deal i tell you. its no. big. deal. more to come on that.


  1. Have you ever considered those space bags? I bought some at Walmart and they do save a lot of space. You just sit on them to get all the air out. Expensive, but would be worth it because you could use them year after year.

  2. i have used them, they never seem to last for me - some of them got holes in them just sitting in my closet! and even when they didn't the seal didn't last for storage purposes, air leaked in! did you get yours recently ? maybe they've improved them..

  3. It was when we lived in Springfield. I didn't use them that much. Maybe you got a bad batch? Granted, mine weren't exactly used and reused a bunch, but I never had any problems with them.