Thursday, January 26, 2012

crunch time.

today is stressing me out.  I have SO much to do, my list is so long i don't even know where to start! so, i'm sitting with A and putting music on the ipod for the trip.  at least i'm checking off things on my list.

oh yeah, and i'm making this gluten free bread. yep, i'm going crazy trying to pack, clean, and prepare for the trip .. but I decided to try a new recipe cause we are out of bread... I went to the health food store and TRIED to buy GF bread. I tried. but i just couldn't .. it was all hard and awful looking, and so so expensive. I can't pay $6-8 for a loaf of bread when i have all the ingredients in my pantry!i hope it turns out.. i don't have time to make another loaf..

Edited to add...
the bread is great!

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