Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All fruit smoothie..

 I love smoothies. 

For a long time i thought i couldn't have them, because i couldn't tolerate that much dairy..   then i started ordering smoothies with 'no yogurt' (and no banana, cause i hate bananas) and realized  they were actually pretty good!  and i love being able to say i ate all this fruit for breakfast. 
 I start with a bowl, cut up, peel and add 
1/2 apple
1/2 pear
1/2 kiwi 
1-2 hand fulls of unsweetened frozen berries (i used strawberries and blueberries this is where the peeling stops) 
and some apple juice, just enough to sweeten it and add a little liquid.
i do not use ice (why water it down?) or banana (again, i hate bananas)
oh yeah, and don't forget the spinach! really, you can't taste it ..  and fresh is better than frozen in my opinion.

I use this handy-dandy stick blender  - really, i never thought it could handle frozen fruit, but it does great. oh, and all the half fruits happen because i give the other half to the kids .. you can always use a whole kiwi, and either an apple or a pear .. really, it tastes the same.. you can also use unsweetened apple sauce instead of apple. If you wanted to plan ahead you could slice and peel and freeze your fruit ahead of time and have a more frozen and faster smoothie..

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