Monday, January 23, 2012

once upon a time...

I like lists.  I like to check things off and see that I've accomplished something.  It just isn't the same to write the list and check the boxes at the end of the day, it is ok, but it really doesn't count.  I just can't seem to write a list that I'll stick to ahead of time.. Plus, the every day over and over type stuff like laundry and sweeping the floor, it just isn't that exciting to check that stuff off anymore - yet it takes up so. much. time.

So. what do i need?  another time sucking thing to do - and that is why I'm writing here.  But lets just think of it like a list.. a list of things, because at the end of the year, it'd be really nice to be able to look up that recipe i made up, or feel like i did make at least one thing every now and then.  then somehow sweeping the floor won't be the only thing i did all day. 

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