Monday, May 15, 2017

Flats and Handwashing Challenge: 2017 Farmhouse edition

It is time for the 7th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge, this year we have a new host! Check out Cloth Diaper Revival! This annual event aims to raise awareness about diaper need and cloth diapers as a solution. Click here for more info on the #flatschallenge.

Since the #flatschallenge last year, we moved from our large suburban home to a farm house build in 1880 on almost 12 acres.  We have 2 sheep, 3 goats, 28 chickens, and 7 guineas,  9 rabbits and 8 cats. We have a washer and dryer, but no dishwasher!  Hand washing dishes for the last 6 mo for 7 people has not been super fun.. if i had to hand wash all our clothes.. well, it just wouldn't happen.  I have some new things that i've always wanted for this challenge,  a utility sink and a real clothes line! (not just a line tied up on my deck)

So why am I taking the challenge?  Honestly, biggest reason is because I've done it nearly every other year (missed one year due to not having a kid in diapers).   I really liked it the first few years, it changed the way i cloth diaper and taught me a valuable skill ... now that i always cloth diaper this way (except with baby #5 i've stayed lazy about using cloth while we're out.. as in, i don't) it just doesn't seem as fun/challenging/exciting..  but i'm going to do it again, and challenge myself by using cloth while we're out... (So far, day 1 at almost 2pm and my 18 mo old hasn't peed in his flat yet.. i will admit, i didn't change him til after breakfast around 9:30 .. )   I'm hoping to switch to flats full time, get him feeling wet when he pees will help with potty training down the road..   or maybe I'll just go back to my pockets (stuffed with flats) and disposables while we're out ..


  1. ah man, My 22 month old went thru 5 diapers before noon. He kept peeing and taking them off. I'm elbow deep in aludnry this evening! It is kind of fun challenge.

    Bailey | Simply Mom Bailey

    1. hopefully your week will get better! With the help of a little outside naked time, my little man only used TWO flats all day yesterday!